Deezy Pred 16 urami
"Sims 4 paranormal stuff pack" Isn't that just.. Ea taking a small snippet from Sims 3 supernatural and selling it as a stuff pack for the Sims 4???? OH wait! They already did that with Cats & Dogs, My first pet stuff, City living, Vampires, Glamour stuff and much more!
Girlie1654 Pred 16 urami
1:02 Look in the background
don’t talk to me
don’t talk to me Pred 17 urami
I think they are running out of ideas....no hate but if you listened to the community then you would have a more realistic game
A K Pred 17 urami
Sims 4 feels like a fanfiction made by a random indie game studio as their homework for college😭 they got an F though
Ese Pinche Arod
Ese Pinche Arod Pred 18 urami
I Really Enjoy This Game I Hope They Continue To Add More Expansion Packs And I Hope You Can Transfer From Your Old Console To The New Generation Consoles So You Don't Lose Any of You're Progress... 1 Thing I Really Wish You Could Do Is Play Online With A Friend And Bring Both Yalls World Into 1 or Many If You Have More Friends That Play, That Would Be Awesome
Mosey Pred 18 urami
I've been missing paranormal ghost activities for the game for years > - < I need to prepare a cemetary U - U 👻🔮🔫🤠⚰
TRX GO Pred 18 urami
Anyone else think this song is an absolute bop? What is the name of this?
Daphne Louis
Daphne Louis Pred 18 urami
This looks so lame, minus bonehilda. They literally have ditched young adults and adults in general as the target audience. They’re trying to market to kids and tweens now. Sim franchise is dead at this point.
Julian Salazar
Julian Salazar Pred 18 urami
Those green ghosts remind me of slimer from ghostbusters
foolikooli Pred 19 urami
Please make sims 4 open world Del So Valley would be so pretty as an open world I know it’s probably a lot of computing skills so I can’t wait until you guys master it✨🙌🏾
Rangel Gonz
Rangel Gonz Pred 19 urami
i wouldn't even pirate this pack
H A N Pred 20 urami
Next update please make 1.gamers life 2. Farmer life
Nathan Pred 21 uro
So is the sims with all Expantion Packs 400 f $ worth. For 400 $ (INCLOUDING THE DISCOUNTS) I expect the best game ever created.
Nathan Pred 21 uro
V R Pred 22 urami
When are we going to get a trampoline? Or ping pong or darts, remember the art table that would spin and you can make vases! "Siminon"😁
jetnight 88
jetnight 88 Pred 23 urami
Why do I need Aliens who look like ballsacks?
Kitty 1982
Kitty 1982 Pred 23 urami
I litreally loved that woman's story! I remember watching it for the first time on youtube, first English then Hungarian since i couldn't understand English at all XD
Emili Pötzsch
Emili Pötzsch Pred dnevom
It’s 2020 and I love Sims 3&4 so much ✌🏻😅
VirgosTea Pred dnevom
jimins bubbles
jimins bubbles Pred dnevom
Hi 👋🏻 not sure if you will read this but im not sure what to do about my game. So my pets in the game i have the life span on so they can die but everytime my pet dies the grim reaper and everyone stands there and they act like they are stuck and he wont take the pets soul at all. And also with the new lifestyles when u turn them off it doesnt turn off.
Airanne star
Airanne star Pred dnevom
Man so cool
Mr.TriggyBoi Pred dnevom
bruh i need a music update where i can form my own rock band
Austin Niccum
Austin Niccum Pred dnevom
If you listen to the very beginning....it sounds like babies are crying...is that a possible hint??
Cam Pred dnevom
Lisa Maria Stefan
Lisa Maria Stefan Pred dnevom
I miss the graveyards though, they would fit nicely with this pack
khania maretha
khania maretha Pred dnevom
Oww this so cute i'm waiting this pack
maia cherom
maia cherom Pred dnevom
maia cherom
maia cherom Pred dnevom
You can do o the sim 4 at the andróide {m.}
Love Marie
Love Marie Pred dnevom
Oh. Um interesting.... *sigh*
Vernon Hipolito
Vernon Hipolito Pred dnevom
For me, this is the best expansion pack of all Sims 3 packs. Next is the Late Night.
JUSH Fan Pred dnevom
It's... mid January-
ღ Opal Chip ღ
ღ Opal Chip ღ Pred dnevom
Lol this getting recommended to me in a whole 2021 is funny, seeing how TS4 is going rn... 😂
Genos Varmillion
Genos Varmillion Pred dnevom
Please improve the Get to Work.. Make all of the jobs playable!
Ghocha Baladewa
Ghocha Baladewa Pred dnevom
come on bro see my chanel :)
i- Pred dnevom
the ghost painting man looks like javier from rdr2 and that's canon to me
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Pred dnevom
Sophie Chen
Sophie Chen Pred dnevom
chances are there is probably gonna be a "farm" expansion pack with a rural area with horses and cows or whatever
LemonLime Fizzle
LemonLime Fizzle Pred dnevom
Sims 2 and 3 are way better than this steaming pile of manure. Go play that and at 90 percent lower price.
Hanna Örtlund
Hanna Örtlund Pred dnevom
i remember when this came out, 15 year old me was really excited..and i ended up hating the sims 4.
Seeker Forsure_photographer
Seeker Forsure_photographer Pred dnevom
should do sims4 (retro life!)
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Pred dnevom
Game sims 3 have all this while sims 4 dosen't. Maybe I shoudn't buy another pack until you finally start working on this and stick with sims 3.
Toco boco Intros
Toco boco Intros Pred dnevom
Where can I find this game?
DustyBuilds Pred dnevom
The sims 3 beta cas is so much better then the current one tbh
The Teacup Bunny
The Teacup Bunny Pred dnevom
Thalianys Hernandez
Thalianys Hernandez Pred dnevom
The song is from the vampire diaries season five
Icebear81 Gaming
Icebear81 Gaming Pred dnevom
No android 😶
Idiot Gaming
Idiot Gaming Pred dnevom
pls add guns
Naire 418
Naire 418 Pred dnevom
Miu Iruma
Miu Iruma Pred dnevom
*Kaito Momota has left the chat*
Bruce Humphrey
Bruce Humphrey Pred dnevom
Uhm, is EA aware that we already have ghosts for free in The Sims 4?
huang renjun’s snuggle tooth
huang renjun’s snuggle tooth Pred dnevom
Min Yoonlee
Min Yoonlee Pred dnevom
I think it would be better when they post this stuff pack at Randonautica time. Just my opinion 😗
Connor Pred dnevom
Can't wait to torrent this and never give EA any of my money again!
Tinha que ser o Noob
Tinha que ser o Noob Pred dnevom
Esse jogo tem mais expansões que sei lá oq.
# charaprotectionsquad
# charaprotectionsquad Pred dnevom
One question can you actually ran out crying?
Kitsune Pred dnevom
pls give us more base game vampires 3 sims its less then the minimal we should get. even if they wont have house it should be nice to have
The Spider Queen.
The Spider Queen. Pred dnevom
Please EA, Please just give us werewolves or Like- Horses. I'd pay like £30 for some goddamn werewolves.
{ Olivia }
{ Olivia } Pred dnevom
Omg so cool I love it
Trisha Ivey
Trisha Ivey Pred dnevom
Super excited for the pack but when are you gonna adress the fact that you said sliders for hair and eyes were impossible for sims 4 but a modder just did it?? Just wondering if you even care about your game anymore.
Mois Villager
Mois Villager Pred dnevom
Sims now is so frivolous that an expansion about paranormal stuff is anounced with pop music
Bruno Lopes
Bruno Lopes Pred dnevom
Oof, definitely gonna pass on this one.
ines khaznadji
ines khaznadji Pred dnevom
What about horses ? No horse pack ? :/
A Dog
A Dog Pred dnevom
35 pound expansion pack no ea, no
Abdoo XP
Abdoo XP Pred dnevom
yeah ... bunch of traits
Trystian Williams
Trystian Williams Pred 2 dnevi
ArtemisXo Pred 2 dnevi
next pack. HORSES!
Stellasternchen Pred 2 dnevi
Looks nice, especially a lot of gameplay for a stuff Pack, but to be honest this should have been in an other EP like get to work or realm of magic. Or they should have made an Supernatural pack like in the sims 3. With vamps, witches, werwolves and stuff like this. I'm not sure if I should get it. I love spernatural gameplay. But currently I prefer Sims 3, because there is more to do and Sims feel more unique. I love the Sims 4 Build mode though. I might wait for some rewiews to decide. Can't say this enough but still waiting for better babies, better elders, less bugs, story progression without mods, cars, horses before I want something like this, which is a nice idea though. I think Sims 4 should go back to the basics. It's a life simulator after all. So give us life stories where some things also can go wrong and not everything is so easy! Eg. spouses having affairs, job trouble, patchwork families etc. Also please improve family trees, and options in CAS, and the relationships. Why do Sims forget other sims they already met? How can the older Game sims 3 have all this while sims 4 dosen't. Maybe I shoudn't buy another pack until you finally start working on this and stick with sims 3.
spongeevil2 Pred 2 dnevi
6 years later.. It still needs extreme tlc
VirgosTea Pred 2 dnevi
Most underrated pack
Mr OMANI Pred 2 dnevi
عماني ٢٠٢١🇴🇲🇴🇲🇴🇲🇴🇲🇴🇲🇴🇲🇴🇲🇴🇲🇴🇲
aubrey doodles
aubrey doodles Pred 2 dnevi
Would just like to point out Bonehilda won’t be able to move into your household what so ever She isn’t even a butler you can hire She’s confirmed to be summoned through the seance table,that’s pretty much it She’s just there for decoration Thought I share this information sense everyone is excited about bonehilda
Kenta Pred dnevom
There still is reason to be excited about her return. Simmers have been complaining since launch The Sims 4 is too easy. So this way it’s not just an object you buy and get an OP maid. You actually have to get the skill.
Larrisa Hernandez
Larrisa Hernandez Pred 2 dnevi
A stuff pack?? We need more expansion packs.
Silvax Pred 2 dnevi
How much would the Sims franchise be worth?
Kenta Pred dnevom
Best I can do is $9.99
Furry boy Czech
Furry boy Czech Pred 2 dnevi
When this was new I was running to buy it and like after 4 years I go to watch this and I’m literally crying cause I don’t even play the sims 4! But I’m gonna try to change it :D it’s harder then I think but yeah
M. Serrão
M. Serrão Pred 2 dnevi
This trailer does give me Inside out vibes when Riley has those memories going through her head
Ana Ortiz
Ana Ortiz Pred 2 dnevi
queria que fosse mais assombroso, com uns fantasmas feios, desfigurados sabe.
Amelia Ashworth
Amelia Ashworth Pred 2 dnevi
Please can you allow the Sims 4 to be in iPhone for free, I can’t play as this isn’t possible
Kenta Pred dnevom
The Sims Mobile might interest you then.
Gresa Vielhaber
Gresa Vielhaber Pred 2 dnevi
So cool
Sarah Randall
Sarah Randall Pred 2 dnevi
Well, it’s about time!! Welcome back Bonehilda!!